Restored Seal

For the first time since the formation of the Society in April 1885, the seal has been restored and saved in a digital file format. This will allow the Society to use the seal for new promotion materials and will show the seal in full detail for the first time in many years. The seal shows several historical symbols. The lion, holding in dexter paw a curved sword partly unsheathed an encircled with a wreath of laurel of seven leaves, showing seven states; in sinister paw, seven arrows tied, the symbol of unity of the seven states and supporting the liberty hat. On the right hand of the seal the arms of the city of Amsterdam is shows, granted by Count William to the city in the year 1242. The middle of the seal shows a war ship, of the period 1609 sailing west. One the left hand side of the seal the arms of the state of New York is depicted. Lastly on the bottom of the seal a tree is depicted with the wording “Eindelijk wordt een Spruit een Boom” (Finally a sprout becomes a tree). The tree is a symbol of the princess of Nassau, and signifies that this vigorous sapling derived its glory from the parent branches. The shape of the seal is similar to that of coins used in Holland about 1574. Information from The Holland Society: A Centennial History 1885-1985 by David William Voorhees, The Holland Society of New York, 1985.
Old and new version of the seal of The Holland Society of New York.

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