Hudson Area Library Speaker Series: The Leisler Institute

The Jacob Leisler Institute, in cooperation with the  Hudson Area Library, will present Libelers, Monsters, and Rebels: The Jacob Leisler Institute and Research into New York’s Neglected English Colonial Period on Thursday, February 22 at 6pm at the library. During this local history talk David Voorhees will discuss the Zenger Trial, the Claverack Giant and local Native tribes, the so-called Negro Conspiracy of 1741, and, of course, Jacob Leisler and the 1689-1691 Leisler’s Rebellion. The focus of this event will be on the integration of various European ethnic groups into a broader English colonial melting pot (Huguenots, Germans, Dutch, English, etc), and on the English manorial and political systems which continue to impact this region today. A question and answer period and refreshments will follow the talk. For more information email, call 518.828.1792 x101, or visit the main desk in the library. Learn more at the Hudson Area Library website.

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