Just Published: de Halve Maen, Winter 2017–2018

The Winter 2017–2018 issue of de Halve Maen has just been published! As a reminder, the journal is now published digitally with an option to receive a printed copy by request. If you have already contacted the office about requesting a print copy for any issue of de Halve Maen, you will receive your copy as soon as this issue is printed. The Winter 2017–2018 issue can be read on our website or at ISSUU, our online publisher. Just Published! Vol. 90, No. 4, Winter 2017–2018 IN THIS ISSUE:
Table of Contents
Editor’s Corner The Governor and the Militiaman by Rudy VanVeghten Who Wears The Trousers? by Bill Greer Book Review: Russell Shorto, Revolution Song: A Story of American Freedom by Jippe Hiemstra Here and There in New Netherland Studies Society Activities In Memoriam

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