2019 Niagara Branch Dinner Meeting

The Niagara Branch of the Holland Society of New York had its annual dinner meeting on Thursday September 26, 2019 at the Saturn Club in Buffalo, NY.  After the customary three introductory toasts, special guest Holland Society President Andrew Terhune provided insightful updates relating to the Society’s current activities as well as an engaging conversation with fellow attendees throughout the evening.

In addition to Andrew our other speaker was Thomas Bijvoet, the publisher of   the Dutch the Magazine, which is a bi-monthly Canadian magazine about the Netherlands and its people.  Tom is also the publishing editor of Maandblad de Krant which is Dutch for ‘newspaper’; this is a monthly publication printed for Dutch immigrants in Canada and the United States.

Tom presented an engaging discussion titled “In the footsteps of Dutch descendant Martin Van Buren and his role in the development of the American political system as the 8th president of the United States.”  A lively question and answer session followed the talk.

Attending Members, Friends and guests were: David and Molly Quackenbush, Glenn and Scott Van Buskirk, Ted, TJ, Larry and Vandy Van Deusen, Petra Bijvoet, Thomas Schofield, Connie and Walter Constantine, John Montague, Joe and Grace Constantini, Susan Hakala, Tom and Rose Bailey, Kevin and Michelle Murrett, Jad and Shelly Cordes, Bill Buscaglia, Michael Keller, Robert and Lynn Butcher, and Kenneth and Linda Kahn.

Both Andrew Terhune and Tom Bijvoet were presented with fine crystal glasses custom etched with the Holland Society logo, made by Abino Mills (www.abinomills.com / glassworks@abinomills.com).

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