America, the Promised Land

Great Members and Friends,

I had the unique opportunity to retrace the brave journey of one of my ancestors into Mohawk and Oneida Country to determine why in 1634, the Fur Trade had ended with the Dutch.  I left 380 years to the minute when Harmen van den Bogaert left Fort Orange and traveled 108 miles west into the Iroquois Nation.  His mission a success, a trade re-established.  The History Channel in its series, America; the Promise Land captured this historic event and not only do we wish to share it with you, but ask you to forward a short story of your own to us to post on the Holland Society’s Social Media.  Thank you and we look forward to your tale of “Our Family”!

Adrian T. Bogart III, 76th President

America – Promised Land from Drone Alps on Vimeo.

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