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400 Years Ago in New Netherland

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May 5, 1646

Legal instruments, likewise Contracts, Testaments, Agreements and other important documents, written by private individuals and not confirmed by oath before the court, or other magistrates, are declared invalid and by a decree of the Directors are annulled.

May 10, 1649

Stuyvesant proposes a conference with the Governors of the New England Colonies to discuss and settle disputes amid the threat of war between Holland and England and the death of Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts.

May 11, 1647

Pieter Stuyvesant, the new Director, has arrived at New Amsterdam with his party after a voyage of five months. During the journey, he captured a Spanish prize off Curacao. The entire community welcomed him enthusiastically, with extensive salutes fired from the fort.

May 19, 1643

The English Colonies of Massachusetts, Plymouth, New Haven, and Connecticut have formed an offensive and defensive Federation under the title, “The United Colonies of New England.”

May 25, 1644

Yesterday evening a Mohawk messenger arrived here having run from Poughkeepsie to this town, a distance of 75 English miles, between sunrise and sunset. He brought word to Director Kieft that the Mohawk ambassador is on his way here with a party of young warriors and will hold powwow with us. This is the annual Mohawk expedition for the collection of tribute from the River and Long Island Indians. These Mohawks will also expect presents from us of wampum, powder and lead.

May 28, 1644

The Mohawk warriors, all of the Turtle Clan, arrived here yesterday. There are eighty altogether and come in twenty canoes made of oak bark. They are all young men except for their chief who is old, but a man of great size and taller than any of them. They have camped in the Plain just north of the Bowling Green. They are all armed with muskets as good this town, have disappeared and not one is to be seen.

May 1646

A ship with a cargo of negroes from Tamandare, on the coast of Brazil, recently arrived at this port. They were immediately sold. This is the first cargo of negro slaves to be sold in New Netherland.

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