The New Netherland Papers Translations

Old Dutch to English

The Holland Society of New York, under the guidance and sponsorship of the late Ralph DeGroff, has funded the translation efforts of Charles Gehring, Janny Venema, and others. Their efforts have resulted in a tremendous contribution to the field of New Netherland scholarship, published in the New Netherland Papers. The original, untranslated documents can be found at the New York State Archives. Transcriptions and the translations of these documents can also be found at the New Netherland Institute. Copies of these publications can be ordered from Syracuse University Press.

The Holland Society is grateful for the many people who have worked on this project and provided support, including (but not limited to) Charles Gehring, Janny Venema, Ralph DeGroff and his family, the New Netherland Institute [in particular Deborah Hamer and Marilyn Douglas, and the late Jippe Hiemstra], the New York State Archives, the New York State Library, and more.

Publication/VolumeYearVolume Numbers
Register of the Provincial Secretary - Volumes I1638–1660Volume 1
Register of the Provincial Secretary - Volume II1638–1660Volume II
Register of the Provincial Secretary - Volume III1638–1660Volume III
Volumes IV–X, Council Minutes,
Volumes IV, V, VI,
VII [duplicated in Vols VI and VIII]
VIII; Volumes IX and X are in progress)
1638–1665Volume IV
" " Volume V1638–1665Volume V
" " Volume VI1638–1665Volume VI
" " VIII; Volumes IX and X are in progress1638–1665Volume VIII
Correspondence, Volumes XI–XV
Volumes XI;
(Volumes XIII, XIV, and XV are in progress)
1646–1664Volume XI
" " Correspondence Volume, Volume XII
1646–1664Volume XII
Volume XVI, Part 1, Ordinances,1647-1658Laws Writs of Appeal
Volume XVI, Parts 2 and 3, Fort Orange Records (Parts 2 and 3)1656–1660Volume XVI - Parts 2 & 3
Volumes XVIII–XIX, Delaware Papers (Dutch period)
(Volumes XVIII and XIX)
1648–1664 Delaware Papers - Dutch Period
Volumes XX–XXI, Delaware Papers (English period)
(Volumes XX and XXI)
1664–1682Delaware Papers - English Period
Books GG and HH, Patents and Deeds1630–1664Patents and Deeds
Andros Papers - Vol. 11674-1678Andros Papers Vol. 1
Andros Papers - Vol. 21679-1680Andros Papers Vol. 2
Andros Papers - Vol. 31679-1680Andros Papers Vol. 3
The Register of Salomon Lachaire- Notary Public of New Amsterdam1661-1662The Register of Salomon Lachaire - Notary Public of New Amsterdam