The Social Media Policy of The Holland Society of New York


Purpose and Scope

The Social Media Policy of The Holland Society of New York governs the use of social media platforms by its employees, members, and volunteers. This policy ensures that all social media engagements align with the society’s mission to collect, preserve, and disseminate knowledge concerning the early Dutch settlements in New Netherland. It applies to all forms of social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, whether used for internal communication or public engagement.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles for social media engagement include accuracy, respect, integrity, and education. We are committed to sharing reliable and historically accurate content that honors our Dutch heritage. Respect for all cultures and the individuals within our community is paramount. Integrity in every post ensures our communications reflect the society’s scholarly nature. Lastly, our social media efforts aim to educate the public and our members about the significant contributions of the Dutch to early American history.

Acceptable Use

Use of social media by The Holland Society should focus on:

  • Promoting events, lectures, and publications.
  • Sharing significant historical facts and findings related to New Netherland.
  • Engaging with academic institutions and historians in meaningful discussions.

Content must be informative, respectful, and aligned with our educational mission.

Prohibited Use

Prohibited use includes:

  • Publishing misleading or false information.
  • Engaging in disrespectful or offensive communication.
  • Disclosing confidential information pertaining to the society or its members.
  • Using society platforms for personal, business, or political promotion.

Security and Privacy

  • Ensure confidentiality and security in handling member data and historical records.
  • Avoid sharing personal information of members without explicit consent.
  • Regularly update security protocols for accessing social media accounts.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Routine monitoring will be conducted to ensure adherence to this policy. Violations will be addressed according to the severity of the infraction, ranging from warnings to revocation of social media privileges.

Guidelines for Personal Social Media Use

Personal social media use should not interfere with or contradict the society’s objectives. Members and employees must differentiate personal views from those of the society and avoid public discussions that could be seen as representative of the society without authorization.