Membership Categories

Those who are interested in joining the Holland Society of New York are able to do so through two means.
Through a Hereditary Membership or by becoming a Friend of the Society


Hereditary Memberships

Direct Line – Legacy – Junior


You may be eligible to become a member if you are a descendant (male/female) in the direct line of:

  • A Dutch native or Dutch resident of New Netherland or the American colonies (now a part of the United States) prior to or during the year 1675,
  • A person who possessed the right of Dutch citizenship within Dutch settlements in North America prior to or during the year 1675,
  • A resident of a Dutch settlement in North America prior to or during the year 1675,
  • A Dutch citizen, one of whose descendants became a member of this Society prior to June 16, 1886,
  • A Dutchman who was called to this country as a Dutch-speaking Domine during the Colonial Period.


A list of eligible surnames  be found here. Please note that this is not a complete list of eligible surnames; if your qualifying ancestor’s surname is not listed, you may still be eligible for membership.  Please contact with any questions.

Which Application is Right for You

New Line Lineage

Direct descendants of a Dutch native or Resident of a North American Dutch settlement prior to 1675


For those who are related to a former or current member of the Society


For children or grandchildren of members who are under the age of 18


For those interested in being a part of the Holland Society

New line applications are for individuals who do not have a known family connection to former or current members or are uncertain about such connections. These applications may have to be verified by a certified genealogist prior to approval by the Board of Trustees.

The Legacy Application is for those prospective members who are related to a former or current member of the Holland Society. Prospective members are only required to provide genealogical documentation up to the relative who is/was a member of the Society

The Junior Application is for parents, grandparents, or other family members who are a member of the Society and are interested in completing a membership application for a child under the age of eighteen.

The Friends membership is available to anyone interested in the Dutch colonial period in America and its legacy. Friends enjoy the advantages of being a part of the Holland Society except they do not have voting rights at the Annual Meeting.

If you have any questions regarding your elibility, please contact us at

Membership Dues

All memberships provide the same benefits with the exception of the Friends and Junior memberships which are not eligible to vote at the Holland Society Annual Meeting.


Membership Type Age   Annual Dues
Friend of the Society All ages $75
Annual Membership 30 years and older $125
Annual Membership 18–29 years $50
Junior Membership 0–17 years $0
Life Membership 0–10 years One-time payment of $1,000; payable, upon request, in two installments
Life Membership Above the age of 10 One-time payment of $2,000; payable, upon request, in two installments

Downloadable Links to Applications

You can download membership and Friend applications below. Please select the correct application and when completed, you can return to the Holland Society of New York via email ( or by mail, to the Society’s offices.

As reference for a New Line Membership Application please see this sample based on Humphrey Bogart’s application. To see the actor’s original application, please click here page 1 page 2.


Application Guideline 

New Line Membership Application
Legacy Member Application
Junior Member Application
Friend Application
Proposer/Seconder Form
Character Reference Form