Membership Eligibility Expanded

Membership Eligibility


The Board of Trustees of The Holland Society of New York is pleased to announce that the membership of the Holland Society has voted overwhelmingly to expand membership eligibility. This vote had record participation and we thank you all for your time and continued commitment to the Society!

As of April 24th, 2021, you may be eligible to become a member if you are a descendant (male/female) in the direct line of:

  • A Dutch native or Dutch resident of New Netherland or the American colonies (now a part of the United States) prior to or during the year 1675,
  • A person who possessed the right of Dutch citizenship within Dutch settlements in North America prior to or during the year 1675,
  • A resident of a Dutch settlement in North America prior to or during the year 1675,
  • A Dutch citizen, one of whose descendants became a member of this Society prior to June 16th, 1886,
  • A Dutchman who was called to this country as a Dutch-speaking Domine during the Colonial Period.

The Society is also pleased to unveil a new, streamlined application for membership. Digital and downloadable applications, supplemental forms, and a newly-redesigned application form can be found on the Join page of our website. 

Please contact Sarah Cooney, Executive Director, at with any questions.

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