The Holland Society of New York is a historical and genealogical society founded to collect and preserve information respecting the early history and settlement of New Netherland by the Dutch. The  Society has, since its founding days, attracted a growing membership to its wide range of activities for the descendants of the New Netherland residents. As a historical society, the organization has worked on preserving the history of New Netherland, from the Society’s Library (now donated to the New York State Library) and by publishing the widely acclaimed journal, de Halve Maen.

Officers, Trustees and Executive Committee


Colonel Adrian T. Bogart III

Vice President
Sally Quackenbush Mason

Jonathan Doucette

David Nostrand

Rev. Paul D. Lent


Thomas Bogart
D. David Conklin
Robert Fagaly

Sarah Lefferts Fosdick

Ashley Isaacs Ganz
Charles Mackenzie

Abbie McMillen
Joseph B. Roosa

James Vandenberg
Ethan Van Ness

Kathy Van Ness
Lisa Bloodgood Weedon
Laurie Bogart Wiles


Executive Director
Sarah Cooney

Manager, Programs & Communications
Dorien van Boven

David William Voorhees

Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement

The Distinguished Achievement Medal is awarded yearly by the trustees to recognize achievement by those who are not members of the Society, but who have made an outstanding contribution in some field of human endeavor. The list of previous gold medalists can be found here.

Members Distinguished Achievement Medal

During the Spring Annual Meeting the Holland Society Members elect and induct officers, followed by a dinner. At that time, one outstanding Member of The Society is honored with a medal denoting “Distinguished Achievement” in their field. The list of previous medalists can be found here.