Since 1922, The Holland Society of New York has published the quarterly journal de Halve Maen, a leading magazine of the Dutch Colonial Period in America. It publishes new research illuminating the Dutch contribution to American history, and includes essays on various aspects of New Netherland culture.

The magazine is edited by noted New Netherland scholar Dr. David William Voorhees, editor of the Flatbush Church Records and Director of the Jacob Leisler Institute in Hudson, New York. Dr. Voorhees strives to present the broadest and latest research in New Netherland studies by the foremost European and American experts.

De Halve Maen reaches all members of The Holland Society as part of their membership, and is subscribed to by the interested public and scholars, leading universities, and large and small library collections worldwide. Previous issues of de Halve Maen can be found on our website.

The Society has opened our online archives to the public. They are available at this link. Please contact the Society if you plan to use any material included in these archives in a publication, whether online or in print.

A Note About the Library from the Library & Archives Committee

Since we were forced to close the office on 44th Street due to an unaffordable rent increase, the archival records and our extensive library have been professionally stored in upstate New York. That facility, Hudson Archival, which specialized in document preservation, has also digitized our membership records.
As that business is now closing and the building has been sold to a developer, we have to relocate once again. Hudson Archival has re-boxed and inventoried our library, which consists of 753 books and documents. A copy of that inventory is available on request from our office. Our office also continues to accept donations of material, whether family archives or books. However, once again making the physical library available to our members and researchers continues to be problematic.
Since learning of this in early August 2021, the Archives and Library Committee has been searching for a new site either in the Hudson Valley or in Manhattan. Approximately 500 square feet of secure, climate controlled space is needed. That would provide room for us to re-shelve the books and make the files once again accessible. Member suggestions on available and affordable sites would be welcome and we will follow up.
Due to timing constraints, in the interim the collection was moved to a secure manuscript storage space. But if the Society can find the right space for the longer term, this could be the core of the “Holland Society of New York Cultural Center.” Your donations can make that possible.
An additional note: David Voorhees, Editor of de Halve Maen, is looking for copies in good condition of the magazine from 1922 to 1928. Please contact David if you happen to find examples in your own archives.
Archives and Library Committee
David Conklin
Paul Lent
David Voorhees
Richard van Deusen