Dr. Andrea Mosterman’s presentation on her book, Spaces of Enslavement, can be viewed here.
Piracy and Punishment Lecture: May 15th, 2020

Holland Society Member Ed Tiesenga presented a talk on Hugo Grotius’s piracy laws and their continuation into present-day America.

America: Promised Land

President Bogart retraced the footsteps of his ancestor, Harmen van den Bogaert, in a trek across upstate New York. The History Channel in its series, America; the Promise Land captured this historic event.

Niagara Branch Meeting: September 26th, 2019

The Niagara Branch of the Holland Society of New York had its annual dinner meeting on Thursday September 26, 2019 at the Saturn Club in Buffalo, NY.

Virginia and Carolinas Branch Meeting: September 2019

On the weekend of September 20 thru September 22, the Virginia and Carolinas Branch of the Holland Society of New York held their annual meeting in Belmont, N.C.